Security Shutters

Security shutters are a visible deterrent, that provide a physical barrier. Shutters can be locked with extra locking mechanism, such as bolt locks or key locks. Another option that is available are so called End-Retention Systems. These increase the security even more by putting retention bolts on the ends of the slats, making it nearly impossible to gain access. Our latest development, the Security Slat: features another interesting option: Perforations. This allows us to create a protective barrier, but with the option to let light into the room. These perforated slats can be fitted with the optional End-Retention. You can choose to have all slats or only a part of the curtain to be perforated.  Our Security shutters will keep your home safer while still looking great.  If you think that security shutters are an option for your home or business, then contact us today for a consult.